There’s something special that occurs when you step into a space that is professionally organized & staged.  You immediately feel a sense of calm and order and there’s a wonderful feeling of warmth and welcoming.  This is exactly how you want buyers to feel as they enter your home.


Staging Your Next Move is a full service Move Management Company.  We create a customized relocation plan that assists you in every aspect of your move.  From de-cluttering, sorting and organizing to staging your space for top dollar resale.  Once in your new home, we unpack your items and set in place your belongings so that you can quickly get back to doing the things you enjoy the most.


There is no job too big or too small!  Perhaps you are so overwhelmed with certain areas of your home. You want to make better use of the space, but just don’t know where to start.  Our team will guide you through this process of creating rooms that are not only beautiful, but have purpose and function.