Decluttering, Organizing, and Downsizing

We provide luxury concierge services to clients seeking

beautifully organized homes.

Pinky has been organizing spaces, people and events for over 30 years. She started her career in her home state of Texas, where she organized for employers and community organizations.

In 2010 she expanded her services in Louisville to help more clients.  A mentor to parents and an advocate for students, Pinky is also passionate about elder care. She believes everyone deserves respect, understanding, and support through the various stages of life. Pinky frequently helps families who are going through transitions such as moving, having babies, navigating the school system, and grieving the loss of a loved one. Her experience, compassion, and resourcefulness bring relief and progress to those who may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or exhausted.

When she isn’t helping clients, Pinky volunteers for causes that empower students; organizes her accessories; and watches Masterpiece Theatre. Yoga, hiking, admiring art, and reading good books with great friends represent the balanced, peaceful life that she wants for all of her clients.

"I could write a novel about Pinky Jackson & what she has done for my family but I'll try to keep it short & sweet. My home was a cluttered, unorganized, wreck. It was beyond overwhelming. I dreaded having anyone over. No matter what I did, I just couldn't get my house together. Pinky came & did a free consultation. I never felt judged, only understood & a sense of empathy. Pinky had ideas and answers immediately. I knew from that consult, she could make my house the home I wanted so desperately. Now, I'm a single mom without a lot of money but it was worth every penny, tenfold. My daughter & I went from a house to a true home we absolutely adore in just a month. It's so organized with such detail it's actually EASY to keep up. Everything has a place & now we have rooms that make sense and give us more room. My daughter was able to have her 1st sleepover. Pinky & her diligent crew took everything with them at the end of each session. Donations, garbage, all goes that day. Nothing to stare at, nothing in the driveway or yard. Whatever your concerns, meet with Pinky. The money I spent was worth everything as it gave us our lives back. I am forever grateful for Pinky Jackson. My home and head are clear and stress free thanks to her. You deserve a home that brings you joy. Pinky Jackson will give you that & so much more." - Jessica, Louisville, KY

"Pinky is amazing on many different fronts. First of all, she really listened to me to learn my needs and wants. She was compassionate and creative and organized a basement pantry not only in a logical way, but in an aesthetically pleasing way. Pinky has a lot of energy and there were times that she told me to kick back with my feet up and just help to give direction. She went the extra effort to try to accommodate me! Finally, Pinky embraces the "green" movement which I very much appreciated. She knows where a multitude of items can be recycled and will help you do just that." - Risa, Louisville KY
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