Imagine your spaces or your client’s simply reinvented, sometimes with nothing new added.  A good stager can do that for you. 

I have owned and operated Living Spaces for over 10 years as a part time passion.  After spending the last five years of my career in management for event planning and commercial design I am ready to devote myself back to where my love of design is calling me.

Think about it …..we know instinctively when positive energy is flowing around us in a space.  If people comment on how comfortable and pleasant it is to visit your home or feel the excellent results that occur after a meeting in your workplace, that is further indication that positive energy in flowing.  I believe those subtle feelings are about balance.  A good design stager knows  how to achieve these balances using colors, textures and furniture placement.  A mirror near a window, a plant, organic texture are simple examples of how” placement” can simply change the feel of a space from negative to positive. 

Good design should be affordable and accessible to all …. a home owner ready for a change , a real estate agent and client who needs to sell fast or a builder with too many empty houses on the market.  Stagers can help! 

People think they can’t afford a decorator, they are afraid of the cost but in the end, we can save you tons of money ….. the statistics prove it everyday in almost every market .


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